because you live as you breathe - and because you breathe as you live

Brigitte Ruff

Federally recognized respiratory therapist

Learn to breathe? We all breathe without thinking about it ...

However, what appears to be something natural often no longer works the way it could. Over the years we adopt patterns of breathing that reflect our way of life and that are no longer ideal for us. We only become aware of this when we are short of breath, exhausted, and restless, when we are sleeping badly, and when we have lost our ability to perform, our sense of well-being, and our joie de vivre. And especially after operations or heavy infections as f.e. Long Haul Covid, breathing can be changed so breathing therapy will be essential to find back to light and slow breathing.

With the aid of breathwork and respiratory and physical exercises, I will support you as you discover how to breathe freely again.
Our discussion will provide you with the opportunity to question your habits and convictions. This allows space for change so that symptoms decrease or, in the best-case scenario, disappear completely.

Breathing therapy is recommended if you would like to feel grounded again and to gain self-confidence; if you would like to feel balanced again and to find your direction; if you would like to be able to breathe easily and move freely again.

You will experience how you can use conscious breathing to achieve calm and serenity, and how your existence can become easier.
You will learn how to influence unconscious breathing through conscious exercises, thus enabling you to change your everyday life with little effort.
Your openness, curiosity, and interest are all that is required for an encounter with yourself.