Breathing and sports

Breathing and sports – the Oxygen Advantage

THE OXYGEN ADVANTAGE® - Certified Instructor: Brigitte Ruff

“Breathe less, improved health, enhanced performance, fewer injuries.”

If you have got used to over-breathing, which is usually the case when you mouth breathe, your urge to breathe will increase continuously. This means that you will reach your limits increasingly quickly. Over-breathing, or rather breathing in a way that is inappropriate for the situation, will also have a negative effect on your health.

By breathing less, and breathing exclusively through your nose, you will increase your CO2 tolerance. Your respiratory centre will want to breathe in less quickly (you are simulating altitude training without needing to travel to the mountains). You will experience a significant increase in performance by improving your aerobic performance. You will strengthen your core and respiratory muscles. You will breath in a more economical manner and use less energy. You will experience a significant reduction in hyperventilatory respiratory stimulation during training and in asthma induced by mouth breathing. You will prevent premature fatigue and the build-up of lactic acid. You will improve your build-up phases, sleep, and recovery periods. You will maintain your level of fitness during breaks or time off due to injuries.