About breathing

Breathing is movement

Each breath is a perpetual expansion and contraction. This wave of movement continues throughout our whole body. By allowing ourselves to experience breathing and its movement, we allow life. Movement is life. The awakening of our body allows us to experience a sense of regularity and to realise that we are part of a greater order.

Breathing is rhythm

One breath consists of breathing in, breathing out, and pausing. If these three things are in balance, we are in balance. The breathing rhythm reflects all states of a human. In it we recognise our patterns of life and behaviour. Becoming aware leads us to responsibility and gives us freedom of choice. “I let the breath come, I let it go, and wait for it to return on its own, naturally.” (Ilse Middendorf)

Breathing is encounter

When we approach our breathing with commitment and mindfulness, we encounter ourselves. We can become aware of how we handle our breathing and therefore ourselves and life. This marks the start of a development, and the things we recognise affect our everyday life, resulting in profound self-understanding, serenity, and confidence in our own vital energy. In the process, we create a good precondition for encountering our environment and fellow humans.

Breathing is power

Obstructing this vital energy is extremely hard work and costs us a lot. Discovering that we are obstructing this energy and finding out what is choking us, enables us to take action. We can decide what we want to do and what we want to let go of. By becoming permeable, we experience lightness, serenity, a state of progress, and joy. Life can live through us when we breathe freely.

Breathing is voice

Speaking and singing represent the audible power of breathing. A well-tensioned body allows our voice and our personal sound pattern to blossom. When we breathe freely, we can speak and sing without effort.